Craziest Mega Milkshake At Sugar Buns

I was one lucky girl being able to visit Melbourne’s Craziest Mega Milkshake Café ‘Sugar Buns’’. I lined up for up to 30 minutes to try my amazing “Candy Land” Milk Shake when they first opened. There were so many people there wanting to get in and try it, they even gave you menus while you lined up which help me make up my mind on which one to get!


Sugar Buns’ is located at Hampton Park Shopping Center, they are a café/Restaurant and I have now heard they take bookings for Birthday parties! – Can you imagine? A Mega Crazy Milkshake Birthday Party? That’s Crazy and I like the sound of it, haha.

If you are interested I have attached the link below:

Want Sugar buns to HOST your next Birthday Shake Party


Candy land mega Shake is the one I ordered and it was full of lots of lollies, sour lollies, candy, fairy floss, ice cream, marshmallows, liquorice all sorts, candy cane, popcorn all in a bubble-gum flavored milkshake, It was CRAZY!!!

You can check out my visit to Sugar Buns on My YouTube Channel or click the link to the episode below;

Craziest Mega Milkshake At Sugar Buns !!



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