Dogs For Kids With Disabilities

I was one lucky girl meeting Clifford in training at The Fountain Gate Shopping centre Melbourne.

He was sitting outside the “Lush” soap store raising money and awareness for his Charity “Dogs For Kids With Disabilities”. I had such beautiful cuddles with Clifford and we were friends straight after his first belly rub!

Clifford is a black Labrador who is being trained to help give assistance or to be a companion/friend to kids and adults with disabilities. But He is not the only one, there are many beautiful dogs being trained by the organization in Melbourne Australia to help kids and adults who face a range of disability challenges.


“Dogs For Kids With Disabilities” is a non profit organization which means they survive off donations and volunteers to help make this happen. If you feel you would like to support this charity you can click the link below and see how you can help.

Donate Now

When I met Clifford I learned so much about what he is in training for and I would love to one day have the chance to do a video at their training school so you can all see how beautiful this charity is.

You can follow “Dogs For Kids With Disabilities” on Instagram!


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