Puppy Bella plays “FIND IT”

In this episode of Katie’s Playtime,Katie teaches Bella the English Springer Spaniel Puppy how to Find her treat… “FIND IT”!

Puppy Bella plays “FIND IT”

About Bella:

Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Favorite food: Crunchy crusty toast

Eye color: Hazel

Fur color: liver brown & white

Favorite Toy: Kong Ball

Favorite game: Find it (find the treat sniffer dog game)

Best friends: Missy (English Springer Spaniel) Nala (German short haired pointer) Ayva (German short haired pointer) Sunny (Cockatiel)

While I was filming this video Bella was so tired and just wanted to sleep but then she would get a BIG rush of energy and want to keep playing with her toys, up the garden in the dog bed and even play her favorite game “Find it”. Playing with puppies is so much fun, you can teach them all sorts or tricks but be careful…their teeth are like little needles and its hurts when she bites!

If you have a dog at home I would love to know its name and breed!

See you all in my next video!


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