Slime Is So Much Fun!

There are so many types of slime you can make. I have put 7 videos together to show you how different slime can be made depending on what you have at home to use.


How To Make Slime – Non Toxic, No Cooking, No Glue, No Borax

How To Make Slime with Wood Glue & Laundry Liquid – No Borax

How to Make Fake Edible Snot / Slime

How To Make a SLIME BATH

How to Make SLIME

Gooey gunky sticky edible slime!!

How to Make Bouncy wiggling Floam


There are so many recipe’s out there you can try to make slime with, and I’m sure there are great ones I haven’t even tried yet, but if you have a slime you want me to make on my channel send me a message here and I’ll pop it on my list of activities and crafts to make and ill give you a BIG SHOUT OUT at the start of the video!


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